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A printable workbook full of resources about juristictions, search support, and more developed specifically for those searching for the lost.

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Learn skills to reinforce physical safety like Self Defense, Negotiation, Anti-Grooming Training and more as well as reinforce research skills for Digital Searchers looking for clues. 

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Workbook for Families & Advocates

Tools Teach-Ins


M.I.S.T.I. tools are developed specifically to help reduce the secondary trauma to families of having to repeatedly enter information about the missing during times of crisis because they don't own report data about their missing relative. Culturally sensitive information gathering is not something afforded to Native people historically or today. Smart, simple programming can unify a disjointed, painful process. M.I.S.T.I. is a public-awareness-driven set of tools developed specifically to enable families in the search for the lost. None seek to replace databases, but rather provide bridges to get more info to more databases, get more info rapidly to more responsive press, and beyond.


Nothing similar to the toolkit, with the same aims and cultural competencies for tribal communities, currently exists. There are a number of umbrella attempts at offering missing persons search resources but none of them are by and for Indigenous People but ours. Databases and more exist but the field is very segmented. M.I.S.T.I. work provides important de-segmentation, achieved because of cultural relationship to one another across tribal communities. 

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