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Indigenous Food Producers List

As part of our mission to connect urban and rural natives to culturally sound foods, we have created the web's largest searchable database of Indigenous producers, distributors, and grocers. By providing a platform for these producers to sell their goods we can support their livelihoods and preserve traditional food systems that have been passed down for generations.

Indigenous foods often have unique nutritional profiles and can be more resilient to local environmental conditions, making them valuable resources for food security. Over 60% of foods eaten globally originated from the native populations of Turtle Island. However, indigenous producers and grocers often face barriers to accessing mainstream markets and can struggle to compete with larger, non-indigenous producers.

Our inter-tribal pantry is always open to donations to reallocate to the community. Please send us a request through our calendar link below if you'd like to discuss making a donation. If you are a native producer looking to join our Indigenous Food Producers List, please submit the form below

Are you a Native Producer or Distributor? Would you like your business to be listed? Fill out our intake form below. 

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