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Indigenous Chef & Restauranteur List

​Interested in supporting indigenous-owned, operated, or inspired restaurants? Do you have a craving for Stew, Frybread, Bison, Salmon or Blue Corn? If so, this page was made for you!


Please browse the list below to learn about the amazing native cuisine served daily across the continent. Supporting local Indigenous restaurants and chefs helps us popularize and celebrate Indigenous culinary traditions, promoting cultural diversity and economic empowerment within Indigenous communities. Your support contributes to the sustainability of Indigenous foodways and helps break the cycle of colonization that has historically marginalized Indigenous food culture. Supporting local Indigenous restaurants and chefs not only provides an opportunity to savor unique and delicious Indigenous cuisines but also fosters cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation. It is a way to honor and respect the knowledge, resilience, and creativity of Indigenous peoples and preserve our culinary heritage for future generations to come. If you are an Indigenous food restauranteur or chef looking to join our list, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Are you an Indigenous Chef or Restauranteur? Would you like your business to be listed? Fill out our intake form below. 

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