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First Foods Program Protocols

In this section, we outline our program protocols which are rooted in the wisdom passed down through generations. Think of these as a guide to navigating the interactions and activities of our community. Respecting our inter-tribal learning space is not about adhering to rules—it's about protecting the diversity and richness of our shared Indigenous values. 

At GSC, we emphasize that creating a safe and inclusive environment is essential to fostering meaningful connections rooted in cultural exchange and the preservation of Indigenous knowledge. We want to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected, and heard and that we can learn from one another in a way that fosters understanding, mutual respect, and collaboration.

By following these protocols, we honor the ancestral teachings that guide our work and ensure that our collective efforts contribute to the empowerment of Indigenous peoples. We invite you to explore this section to gain a deeper understanding of the protocols we observe and to join us in creating an inter-tribal learning space that is nurturing, inclusive, and transformative.

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