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Other Initiatives at GSC

Grinding Stone Collective Inc. strives to uplift Indigenous peoples through resource sharing, native programming, and platform development. While Food Sovereignty has become our primary focus through the First Foods Program, our collective is made up of artists and educators looking to cultivate community spaces in creative ways. Our innovative use of technology allows us to build educational platforms across tribal affiliations. Here you will find new programs we are developing. Please email us at if you would like to support any of these initiatives.

Land Back Murals

LandBack Murals promotes Native American sovereignty, stewardship and visibility through artistic expression. As an expression of land acknowledgment, LandBack Murals serves to remind us that we are on a stolen land built on broken promises. Led by Indigenous artists, muralists, and activists, our program seeks to promote awareness in colonized spaces despite societal erasure of Indigenous people and histories by constructing murals in public spaces throughout the United States. We aim to create visual landmarks of the Resistance, Land Back and Land Acknowledgement. We hope to rekindle our relationship with the land by acknowledging its history and stewards.

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Indigenous Caribbean Workshops promotes the cultural and artistic expression of Indigenous Puerto Ricans and the Amerindian Caribbean Diaspora. We preserve and promote the traditions, values, and lifestyles of the Indigenous Caribbean, organize activities and events which promote cultural exchange locally or nationally; and encourage understanding and respect for different cultural heritages among the youthful members of the group as well as the mainstream population. 

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