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GSC to present at Earth Month Convergence event in NYC April 22nd & 23rd

Join us this Earth Day Weekend for a series of dialogues with various organizers, thought leaders, and the general public in defense of Mother Earth and collective liberation.

Start:Empowerment has invited GSC to present at their Earth Month Convergence event in NYC. This event asks: What are the movements and initiatives in NYC that have fought for land autonomy and the health of Mother Earth, and how can we learn from them to continue the fight for justice? Join Start:Empowerment, various organizers, and thought leaders this Earth Day Weekend for a series of workshops, teach-ins and skillshares for developing the mindsets and tools to build autonomy and community in the fight for collective liberation.  

We will be presenting as follows, we hope to see you there!


  • Saturday - 1:30pm
    Indigenous food sovereignty faces significant challenges due to historical and ongoing systemic oppression caused by colonialism. To discuss this issue,  we must ask a few questions: What is indigenous food sovereignty? Why is it important? And lastly, how do kin and our allies help to achieve it? We at the Grinding Stone Collective define Indigenous Food Sovereignty is the right to govern our own food systems from Extraction to Distribution using Ancestral & Contemporary Knowledge. Join us for a discussion on the history of land dispossession and why the keepers of TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge)  can help us overcome the dangers of climate change.

  • Sunday - 12pm
    Join GSC again on Sunday as one of our cultural bearers, Leo Cordier of the Rosebud Indian Reservation as he presents a cooking demo using indigenous ingredients. We will also provide recipe cards to the audience so folks can try it at home

🗓 Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd.
📍In person at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space and La Plaza Cultural (Lower East Side)
💻 Virtually on Zoom


About Earth Month Convergence
With every passing year, Earth Month takes on added urgency: in 2022, millions of people across the world experienced extreme climate events, persistent environmental crises, and record-breaking temperatures amidst numerous continuing ecological disasters. These mounting climate and environmental crises are intricately intertwined with ever-intensifying social, political, and economic dilemmas such as the persistence and prevalence of rampant state violence and capitalist exploitation.

In challenging these, Start:Empowerment, Friends of the Congo, and The New School's Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment are organizing the Earth Month Convergence.

Join us for a weekend-long, family-friendly community gathering led by BIPOC, queer, and/or organizers who are actively creating communities of care, fighting for land autonomy, and defending our human and more-than-human plant and animal relatives.

Walk away with tangible action steps to take and ways to plug into existing organizing homes to directly confront environmental and climate issues in your community and stand in solidarity with interconnected global struggles.

About Start: Empowerment
Start:Empowerment is a Queer & BIPOC led nonprofit at the nexus of climate education and environmental justice organizing. We are committed to providing high-quality public events, social-environmental justice education and programming, skills-based training, and grassroots organizing support to youth and communities of color.

To learn more, visit:

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instagram: @start.empowerment

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Apr 18, 2023

Alexandria Cruz

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