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GSC Teaches Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Land Seizure History at MIT

GSC is honored to be among the Solve fellows to present to students at MIT

The founder of GSC and I were honored to be invited to present to students in MIT's Indigenous Environmental Planning Class. Throughout the semester, we worked with a team of students on a project that we plan to announce as soon as possible. In the meantime, we delivered a slideshow presentation to the class regarding the history of land seizure in America and how it has affected Indigenous food systems. Although this topic contains painful and traumatic stories that were challenging to discuss, we felt it was crucial to acknowledge this history before moving on to the present, where Indigenous farmers and chefs are making their voices heard across the country and the world.

The presentation was recorded to be included in a new MOOC called Cities and Climate Change, which is currently in development. The aim of this course is to reach out to students and practitioners who are working on equity and adaptation resilience to climate change in cities worldwide. The students will have the opportunity to engage with recorded lectures from experts in various fields, including urban climate science, biodiversity, urban health, coastal systems, and environmental justice.

Mar 15, 2023

Alexandria Cruz

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