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GSC Joins Dayamani Barla & Other Indigenous Activists to Discuss Water, Forest, Land, and Women’s Liberation

GSC Program Director Brooke Rodriguez Joins Panel Discussion at The New School

GSC's program director joins a panel discussion at the New School hosted by Dayamani Barla,  An Adivasi Journalist and activist from the Indian state of Jharkhand, to discuss the intersections of Indigeneity, Environmental Justice, and Feminist movements. Brooke, who is Taino Borikua from Boriken (aka Puerto Rico) shared her experience as a Taino woman working towards indigenous food sovereignty. She discussed the ways in which settler colonialism has impacted Boriken and the experience of colonized peoples in the wake of climate change. She highlighted the importance of relationship building across tribal and indigenous nations to build solidarity. 

About the Event and Host
Dayamani Barla is a world-renowned adivasi feminist activist and journalist who has been on the front lines of grassroots movements against the dispossession, impoverishment, and repression of India’s Indigenous communities for nearly four decades. Known as the “Iron Lady of Jharkhand,” she is determined to protect jal (water), jangal (forest), and zameen (land) on traditional adivasi lands in her home state as well as across the country from the relentless incursions of neoliberalization and state violence. For her tireless advocacy, she has earned numerous national and international plaudits, including the Counter Media Award for Rural Journalism in 2000, the National Foundation for India Fellowship in 2004, and Cultural Survival’s Ellen L. Lutz Indigenous Rights Award in 2013.

Presented by Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management at The Schools of Public Engagement with The India China Institute and The Global, Urban, and Environmental Studies Program.

Apr 19, 2023

Alexandria Cruz

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