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Volunteer with the First Food Program

New York, NY & Colorado in person (All others remote)

Job Type


About the Role

To volunteer with Grinding Stone Collective, individuals must have an interest in Indigenous food sovereignty and be committed to supporting Indigenous communities. Volunteers are expected to be reliable, responsible, and respectful of Indigenous traditions and culture. Depending on your volunteer role, certain skills or qualifications may be required.

All volunteers are expected to follow the organization's code of conduct and adhere to the mission and values of Grinding Stone Collective. This is an inter-tribal approach to food sovereignty built by natives for natives and our allies. The three core tenets of our organization are education, reciprocity and stewardship.


Duties and Responsibilities 

Assist with in-person and virtual programs including 

  • Assisting with event setup, including tables, chairs, and equipment

  • Greeting and registering attendees

  • Assisting with food preparation and serving

  • Assisting with the distribution of supplies and/or materials 

  • Supporting event speakers and performers as necessary

  • Helping with event cleanup and breakdown

  • Providing technical assistance for virtual events, such as managing audio and video equipment and troubleshooting technical issues

  • Engaging with attendees and answering questions about the event or First Foods Programming

  • Sharing information about First Foods Programming on social media platforms or other communication channels

  • Assisting with event evaluations or surveys

  • Participating in pre-event meetings or training sessions to prepare for the event

Additional volunteer possibilities include:

  • Delivery (pick up & drop off of pantry/stewards items)

  • Help with community outreach and engagement efforts

  • Support fundraising and grant writing efforts

  • Provide assistance with administrative tasks such as data entry, record keeping, and scheduling

  • Assist with research and program evaluation

  • Participate in trainings and workshops to develop skills and knowledge related to GSC's mission and work

  • Attend meetings and communicate regularly with GSC staff and other volunteers

Requirements and Qualifications

The specific requirements and qualifications to be a First Foods Program volunteer may vary depending on the needs of the program. 


  • Completion of the volunteer application form below

  • Completion of required training

  • Background check clearance

  • Availability to volunteer for a specific time period (8hrs minimum for full program days)


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Knowledge and interest in Indigenous foodways and traditional ecological knowledge

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team and community partners

  • Willingness to learn and take direction from program coordinators

  • Experience with event planning or food preparation (depending on the volunteer role)

  • Physical ability to perform the tasks required for the volunteer role (e.g., lifting, standing for extended periods, etc.)

About Us

Grinding Stone Collective Inc. strives to uplift Indigenous communities through community education, reciprocity and stewardship. We cultivate inter-tribal knowledge sharing online and in person, creating jobs and increasing visibility for native communities and the issues that impact us most. Our digital spaces allow Natives to showcase their knowledge and skills while simultaneously growing in the community. Grinding Stone culminates from years of building networks across cultural boundaries. Through innovative use of technology for educational platforms, Grinding Stone Collective creates space for Indigenous peoples to build community, combat erasure, and ensures that future generations will recognize native technology as the worlds oldest database of knowledge.

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