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Indigenous Cultural Bearers and Educators

New York, NY & Colorado in person (All others remote guests)

Job Type

Per Diem

About the Role

We are seeking Indigenous cultural bearers to join our First Foods Program as teachers/speakers. The First Foods Program aims to support Indigenous food sovereignty by aiding in the revitalization of traditional food practices and knowledge within Indigenous communities, as well as raise awareness of the issues that impact our everyday lives. As a teacher in this program, you will have the opportunity to share your cultural food knowledge, cooking/hunting/foraging/gardening skills and traditions with others, while also learning from our team and students. This is an inter-tribal approach to food sovereignty built by natives for natives and our allies. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of traditional native foods from their region and the cultural significance behind them. The three core tenets of our organization are education, reciprocity and stewardship that work as a frame of reference for all that we do.

Here is a link to our potential topics for this season, please let us know if you are interested in any of them on your application


Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Develop, revise and implement curriculum that focuses on the history and cultural significance of traditional Native food (including growing, harvesting and preservation)

  • Lead classes and/or workshops on traditional food practices and knowledge

  • Lead cooking demonstrations (if able)

  • Collaborate with other teachers/speakers and staff to plan and implement educational programs

  • Maintain good communication with GSC team 

  • Answer questions from our audience in a meaningful and considerate manner

Requirements and Qualifications
  • Native American/Indigenous peoples of the US, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean encouraged to apply

  • Associate degree/certification in a relevant field is encouraged but is not required, we value your lived experiences

  • Sample of previous work or writing to get a sense of your unique style (Link to your socials counts too)

  • Act as representative of our Indigenous community by respecting diversity and inclusion

  • Must have Native cultural food, health or ecological knowledge or related subject

  • Experience teaching and/or facilitating preferred but we will work and support with new educators as well

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Passion for sharing and preserving Native American culture

  • We are committed to diversity and prioritizing Indigenous candidates. If you are a dynamic educator with a passion for Native culture, food and ecology, join our team and share your cultural knowledge!

About Us

Grinding Stone Collective Inc. strives to uplift Indigenous communities through community education, reciprocity and stewardship. We cultivate inter-tribal knowledge sharing online and in person, creating jobs and increasing visibility for native communities and the issues that impact us most. Our digital spaces allow Natives to showcase their knowledge and skills while simultaneously growing in the community. Grinding Stone culminates from years of building networks across cultural boundaries. Through innovative use of technology for educational platforms, Grinding Stone Collective creates space for Indigenous peoples to build community, combat erasure, and ensures that future generations will recognize native technology as the worlds oldest database of knowledge.

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