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Inter-Tribal Pantry

Inter-Tribal Food Pantry & Co-op is our mutual aid initiative that brings Indigenous food producers and Native communities closer together to provide culturally accessible food products. Through partnerships with indigenous producers, we’ve successfully delivered over 15,681 pounds of food ― including Bison meat, grains, oysters, potatoes, and produce ― for free to indigenous communities.

Reciprocity is the second branch of our vision for change. The Inter-Tribal Pantry project is an initiative aimed at improving food access for Native communities in the Tri-State, Denver-Metro areas, and beyond. By providing culturally appropriate foods and resources to urban Indigenous communities, we hope to improve their health and well-being by encouraging them to utilize more native foods in their diets. Our program also includes education on traditional food preparation and preservation techniques, helping to preserve and share Indigenous food knowledge with hands-on accessibility. Our pantry is community-led and supported by local partnerships, ensuring that our efforts are sustainable and responsive to the needs of the community. By increasing traditional food access and promoting traditional foodways, we support indigenous food sovereignty at both the individual & and community levels.

Our Inter-Tribal Pantry Pop-ups were founded on the belief that direct access to culturally sound foods goes hand in hand with the education around preparation. The look of joy on our visitors when they see classic staples like Mote or Bison in areas where they're difficult to find or priced as luxury items is truly priceless and acts as a reminder of the importance of preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of these foods. Community harvest sharing has been part of humanity since time immemorial. We hope that our events are seen not as simply charity, but as a chance to practice community food sharing. We encourage our visitors to pass on whatever they can not use themselves so our gifts travel further.

To date, we've held 16 pantry distribution events between 2022 and Spring of 2024. Since its launch in 2022, we have served 9174 Indigenous individuals and delivered over 15,681lbs of food. We've also added live cooking demonstrations and recipes to go along with our distributions. Additionally, we host a list of native food producers on our website so that our visitors can purchase directly from Indigenous-owned producers or visit Indigenous Owned or Focused Restaurants.



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Inter-Tribal Pantry

Please visit the Inter-Tribal Pantry page to learn more about upcoming events, making a donation to our pantry or becoming a volunteer!

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Indigenous Food Producers List

Join our database of native-owned producers and retailers to connect with our audience.

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