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A New Day For Old Ways

Our New Day for Old Ways educational series has included 3+ years of class development & production. We focus on Indigenous Food culture, Food Sovereignty, Food Justice, Land Back, and Climate Change through our podcast, social media, and online and in-person classes, all taught by members of our diverse Indigenous communities.

Education is the first branch of our vision for change. For many urban and rural native people, the loss of cultural knowledge and connection to their communities has been a deeply traumatic experience. These severed ties caused by settler colonialism cut across both our nuclear family circles and our greater connections to tribal group interconnectivity. Our ancestors were members of food highways that have been continuously interrupted by the politics of settler colonialism, which now threaten to endanger what remains through the installation of dangerous pipelines and fracking. We must work to preserve and transmit our Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) by creating networks of community that span across the many tribes and nations on Turtle Island.

At First Foods, we aim to repair our connections across our inter-tribal communities and the diaspora through innovative use of technology and collaboration. Our A New Day For Old Ways educational series was founded on the belief our cultural knowledge keepers hold the keys to saving us from the threat of climate change and are one step on our shared path towards indigenous food sovereignty.

To date, we've held 50 classes with another 72 arriving in 2023. Our viewership has increased dramatically over the last 3 years leading us to a current view count of over 3000 on our class recordings (this does not account for our live views but we are working to access these metrics for future classes). Our following rate across platforms has reached over 4500 and we foresee this number rising again as we move to hybrid online/in-person classes. Our program began with our online audience and we want to keep them in the fold with the addition of live-streaming content in 2023. The metrics of this new format are forthcoming.



Virtual Classes Presented
During the Pandemic


New Classes
Scheduled for 2023


Indigenous Nations


Live Stream Views
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Class Viewers
Across Platforms


Followers Across Social
Media Platforms as of 2023

A New Day For Old Ways

Please visit the A New Day For Old Ways page to learn more about upcoming classes and events!

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GSC Teacher Spotlight!

We are always looking for new cultural knowledge keepers to join our community as teachers or mentors! Visit our Educator Spotlight to learn about our previous teachers and how to join our collective.

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