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Chilaquiles Verdes

Prep Time:

20 min

Cook Time:

30 min


2-4 People




½ lb of Tomatillos

½ medium Onion

2-3 Garlic Cloves

2 Jalapeño or Serrano Peppers

Bunch of fresh Culantro (or Cilantro)

Salt to taste

½ tsp Chicken Bullion

Corn Tortillas

Oaxaca Cheese

Cotija Cheese



  • Place your tomatillos, onion, garlic, jalapeño and cook in a pot to boil for 10 minutes (fill to just covered).

  • Cut corn tortillas into slices or strips. Add oil to pan and add tortillas, cook until browned on both sides. Remove and set aside temporarily.

  • In a blender add boiled veggies, up to ½ cup -1 cup of water from the boil, Culantro bundle, ½ chicken bouillon and salt to taste. Blend until pureed.

  • In a gently oiled pan, add the salsa, tortillas and add if you have any. Gently stir until the chips are coated but still firm. Remove from heat once the salsa begins to boil.

  • Serve topped with cheese, onions or eggs (or eat by themselves) and enjoy!

About the Recipe

This dish was amplified through our Corn Walking Series hosted by Grinding Stone Collective & the First Foods Program. This series was led by Neida Rodriguez (Diné, Hopi, and Mexican), a local Food Educator with Edible Schoolyard, who led us on an immersive six-part journey that celebrates the heart and soul of indigenous Mexican food culture. 

As part of our series, we explored the rich heritage of Maize (corn), unlocked the alchemy of nixtamalization, mastered the art of crafting tamales and tortillas, and indulged in the savory delight of chilaquiles. Each installment is a flavorful chapter that honors tradition, culinary artistry, and the profound impact of corn on the globe. 🫓🍳🌾 


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